Dying Easter Eggs

Easter is always a special time for our family. Between an amazing Christian daycare, to wonderful Sunday school teachers, to the Jesus Storybook Bible, my kids get to hear the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection multiple times. Piper has told us for a week, “Jesus died, but now he’s alive.”

Even still, Easter weekend snuck up on me, and I realized that we haven’t dyed eggs. I’ve had the gifts for their Easter baskets for weeks (no actual baskets–can I just use a Target bag??). But once again, I forgot about doing eggs until this morning. The day before. With no time to go to the story to get the egg dying kits that I don’t actually like, because they make such a mess and make my kids smell like vinegar.

So I tried shaving cream

I know, weirdest thing to try when you’re in a pinch. But hear me out… I’ve used shaving cream before to make marbleized paper with the girls (super fun and easy, directions are listed below). And I saw someone post on Facebook that they had done this. So without reading any directions, I just jumped in… Glad it worked!

What You’ll Need:
*hard boiled eggs
*white shaving cream (I’ve never tried this with another kind–I have a super cheap can of shaving cream on hand for craft projects)
*food coloring
*spoon, bamboo skewer, popsicle stick, or straw
*glass or metal baking dish
*paper towels

  1. Spray a good amount of shaving cream into your baking dish. Note: you don’t want to use plastic, because the food coloring will stain in.
  2. Add some drops of food coloring. The girls started with two drops each of three colors.
  3. Swirl the colors around. Make sure they’re not stirring the shaving cream, because then the colors will blend too much. You want a marbled effect. This takes much self-control on the parts of little girls, and many “hold on” breaks.
  4. Roll your egg around in the shaving cream mixture. Cover it completely and then wipe it off with the paper towels.


That’s it! So easy! After each egg, I had the kids swirl some more, added another color of food coloring, and then rolled another egg.

Now about the Easter grass…

And since we already had our shaving cream mixture out and fingers turning colors, we decided to decorate some paper too! I like to use heavier paper (old resume paper) instead of computer paper, because it stands up to the moisture a little better. Regular paper will work just fine, but be a little gentle!

Once you’re done dying your eggs, lay your paper on the top of the shaving cream. Make sure all the paper is covered, because anywhere that isn’t covered will stay white.
 Scrape off the extra shaving cream and set aside to dry. I usually do this step on my granite counter, because the food coloring wipes up so easily. Unfortunately, I forgot that this morning until the colors started dying my wooden table. So I grabbed a cookie sheet to help.


Tada! Lovely paper, perfect for cards, decorating, coloring!



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