Princess Aprons

My girls love to dress up! They spend most of their time together making up stories, playing family or princesses, and going on adventures. And of course, their favorite characters are the Disney Princesses…

Since we don’t have the budget or the room for all those lovely princess ballgowns from the store, I started sewing Princess Aprons. Less expensive, take up only a little room, super cute, and easy to switch back and forth. Which means that my little princesses can change their characters many times during their pretend time. And since the aprons are just cotton, they’re super easy to wash, so I can let the girls play with them outside whenever they want.

And now you can have your own! For $20, plus shipping, you can order your own Princess Apron for your little princess. All the pictures show my 5- and almost 3-year olds wearing them, but we can lengthen the skirt for older kids. Aprons will be ready to ship in 3-5 business days.

Cost $20 (+$3.50 for shipping)

Anna (Add a cape for an additional $12)





Elsa (Add a cape for an additional $12)






Tinker Bell (Okay, not a princess, but a great pretend character!)

*Please Note:  Fabrics might be different than pictured, but colors will be the same.

(Can you tell that my little models were singing throughout the whole photo shoot?!)

To Order:  Fill out the information below with your email, which princess apron you want, and approximately what size the child is. I’ll make adjustments on the length based on that information. Once I email you an invoice, I’ll have your apron in the mail within 5 days.



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