The Journey Begins

I’m so excited to restart my blogging journey! The idea for Mud Puddles and Tutus has floated around in my mind for awhile. It started when my two oldest girls had just gotten new tutus from their nonnie (my mom) and started playing in the rain. They were happy as could be stomping in those puddles! And as I stood watching them, I realized this was their way of life–dressing cute and comfy to explore the world. What’s a little mud on a frilly dress?

Creek stomping
This time is was creek stomping: Piper and Emily

And so it began…

Since that time we’ve added another little girl to the mix, and this summer she’ll get her chance to go puddle stomping too!

Savannah and me

Most of my crafting and sewing now centers around either the girls or decorating my house. I’m what you would call “Crafty Because I’m Too Cheap To Buy It.” I love looking through Pinterest to find great ideas that I can make at home! And if I can do it from my stockpile of fabric or craft supplies (it’s a problem), even better!  Sometimes I can imitate what I see…and sometimes it’s a total mess! Regardless, I love that my girls give me an excuse to sew and do craft projects!

Three girls

Lots of what I’ll write about will have to do with my kids–sewing clothes, planning birthday parties, decorating their rooms, doing art projects. Plus I’ll be doing lots of decorating projects (especially since us buying a new house is in the near future). It took several years of being a working mom to realize how much I need my creative outlet to really feel balanced, so I’ve started making that a priority. And I can’t wait to share it with you!



  1. Love this! I’m so inspired by you! I’ve been wanting to start blogging again myself, and the best part is getting to read other friends’ adventures. Can’t wait to read more!


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